Korea Startup Tech Show 2019

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Korea Startup Tech Show 2019

Walk, Run, Fly! Startup

What is
Korea Startup
Tech Show 2019?

Gyeongnam and Changwon are well renowned for being Shenzhen of South Korea. On the cutting edge for their manufacturing-based industrial structure, these cities have revitalized the hardware startup ecosystem, boasting to be the most competitive than any other region here in South Korea. Gyeongnam and Changwon will become the centers of a new hardware-based startup ecosystem in South Korea with the help of various government support and cooperation between businesses and academia for start-ups. Korea Startup Tech Show will take charge of building such a hardware based startup ecosystem. If you are eager to take the next step in launching your dreams of starting a business, don’t hesitate and let Gyeongnam and Changwon help your aspirations come to life. The Korea Startup Tech Show will proudly present to you this October.

Korea Startup Tech Show 2019 in Numbers


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Tech Startup Exhibition

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IR Pitching

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